Aboli And Abhijeet Deshmukh

As a 3- year-old, Tara was a precocious child when she started with her Montessori school. Being our youngest, she essentially had things her way and if things did not turn up her way, she would throw tantrums, yell, etc. She also could speak in our mother tongue and would not understand English. She studied at Aarambh for 3 years, until she completed 6 years. In these 3 years, she learnt useful life skills – excellent social and inter-personal skills, fluent reading & writing skills in English. When she left the school, she could fluently converse in English, watch & understand English movies and read story books on her own. She was able to share her space, thoughts and became friends with all her class mates. In her final year, as a senior, she began to guide and lead her younger classmates. And she learnt how to control her anger or disappointments without yelling or screaming at some one. The important thing that parents need to understand is that the last year (3rd year) in Montessori is the most important and critical for the child’s development. Parents typically get nervous towards the end of the second year of Montessori and begin considering moving their child to a regular school, primarily because of anxieties of getting admission in the first grade in a new school. This is a typically a major mistake and should be avoided, because the child actually blossoms in the last year of Montessori. The child becomes confident, begins to enjoy the school and the work that they do at school. This change in behavior extends to their life outside of school as well. The child becomes systematic in their day to day chores, like picking clothes to wear at the school, keeping their things in place at home and finishing all the food on their plate during meals. Their math skills improve and there is all round development in their cognitive skills, not to mention their social and communication skills. Tara will enter her second grade (CBSE) and is now a sensitive, confident and self-assured child. She is able to make new friends quickly. I would strongly recommend parents considering pre-school education to consider the Montessori method and will recommend that they continue until the completion of 3rd year.

Aboli and Abhijeet Deshmukh, Parents of Tara