Vijayalaxmi And Randhir Nair

Our daughter Diya graduated from Aarambh in March 2016. We then moved to Chicago where she did her first grade from Ivy Hill Elementary School, Illinois. Like most parents we were concerned about how our child would adjust from a Montessori house to a regular classroom setup. There’s only one word to describe her transition – Smooth! She not only scored well in Reading and Math but also participated wholeheartedly in class room discussions and extra-curricular activities.  More than academics it was her confidence that really struck us. We are very happy and thankful to the Montessori Method of education that has given her a solid foundation that will last a life time. Thank you Aarambh, Uma and her team for guiding her in this journey!

Vijayalaxmi and Randhir Nair, Parents of Diya